The medium is the message

All images used in this demo are taken from Wikipedia commons and they are released to public domain by NASA.

Medius is a responsive theme for Pelican. It is heavily inspired from medium. Medius means medium in Latin.

It is still under development and you can find the latest version of medius in github repository. PRs are welcomed!

Medius comes with few templates:

  1. Index
  2. Category Page
  3. Author Page


Medium is using proprietary sans and serif fonts. I used similar free fonts: Open Sans and Merriweater.


Medius is using few settings defined in and article metadata for page images and thumbnails.

A category can have a description, logo and thumbnail. You can define your categories in by using MEDIUS_CATEGORIES setting. MEDIUS_CATEGORIES is a dictionary and it must contain dictionary of categories that have description, logo and thumbnail attributes. An example of MEDIUS_CATEGORIES defined in this demo:

    'Category Name': {
        'description': 'A galaxy is a gravitationally bound system of stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gas and dust, and dark matter.',
        'logo': '',
        'thumbnail': ''


You can also define author description, cover image, profile image and links by using MEDIUS_AUTHORS in your

Links must be a list of tuples. Font Awesome used for link icons. First element must contain name of icon without fa prefix and second element must be URL for this icon.

Example MEDIUS_AUTHORS defined in for this demo:

    'Onur Aslan': {
        'description': """
            I am a superhero saving thousand of lives in Internet.
        'cover': '',
        'image': '',
        'links': (('github', ''),
                  ('twitter-square', '')),

If you visit my author page, you can see my cover image, description and profile image.

Post Images

A post can have a SubTitle, a big Cover image and a Thumbnail that is used in various places. Cover is only used in article.html and it's cover image of the page. For example this page has a Cover defined in post metadata. Example metadata used in this post:

Title: Medius
Category: Category
Date: 2015-09-11
SubTitle: The medium is the message

Check one of the other page that has no cover and only Thumbnail defined in metadata.

You don't need to supply a Cover or Thumbnail in your posts, but category pages will look better if you supply Thumbnail in all of your posts.

Demo is fully available in demo branch.